Top 10 MBA Scholarships Available in Canada

Getting an MBA Scholarship is an amazing accomplishment and every business student strives to obtain it. Possession of this credential opens doors of opportunities.

MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration. Possession of this credential assures those holding it will quickly receive interviews and experience rapid advancement within the business world.

Many students who studied business-related courses as undergraduates are now searching for an MBA to boost their CVs and further their education. It should come as no surprise, since most students want their MBA. Scholarships may also be available to those from developing nations or need financial aid for continuing their education.

Many universities provide scholarships for prospective MBA students studying at Canadian colleges and universities. We will discuss some of these scholarships here in this article.

Let’s dive into the top 10 MBA scholarships in Canada. Let’s begin?

1. Ted Rogers School of Management (Ryerson University).

The Ted Rogers School of Management is a business school located at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. It is named after Ted Rogers, a Canadian entrepreneur, and philanthropist who founded Rogers Communications, one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies.

The Ted Rogers School of Management offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in business and management. These programs include the Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) degree, which offers various specializations such as accounting, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more. The school also offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, as well as other graduate programs like the Master of Science in Management (MScM), Master of Global Management (MGM), and Master of Health Administration (MHA).

2. Rotman School of Management Scholarships (University of Toronto).

The Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto offers several scholarships to support students pursuing their business education. These scholarships are designed to recognize academic excellence, leadership potential, and diverse backgrounds. While the specific scholarships may vary from year to year, here are some examples of scholarships offered by the Rotman School of Management: Visit

3. Alberta MBA Scholarships

Alberta, Canada, offers a variety of scholarships and funding opportunities for MBA (Master of Business Administration) students. These scholarships are often provided by universities, government organizations, private foundations, and corporate sponsors. While I can provide general information, please note that specific scholarship availability and criteria may change over time. It’s always advisable to check with the respective institutions and organizations for the most up-to-date information. Visit:

4. Haskayne School of Business MBA Entrance Scholarships

At the University of Calgary’s Business School, they offer scholarships and award programs for first-year students who are admitted. Students may also apply for awards during their MBA such as Haskayne Student Experiences Fund and SU Travel and Conference Funding. Visit

5. Schulich School of Business Scholarships

International students automatically qualify for scholarships and awards from the Schulich School of Business, while students with financial needs can also apply for merit-based ones. To find out more, visit

6. Ivey MBA Scholarships.

Candidates at Ivey Business School have access to outstanding scholarships and student loans of more than $1.8 million in total – for more information on funding their study for an MBA at Ivey Business School please visit:

7. Sauder School of Business Entrance Scholarship

Scholarships and Awards at UBC’s Sauder School for Business. Located within the University of British Columbia is its Sauder School of Business, which provides numerous scholarships such as Dean’s Entrance Scholarships, International Talent Scholarships and many others. For more information visit:

8. Desautels Faculty of Management.

McGill University’s Desautels School of Management is one of Canada’s top management schools and offers scholarships through their program:

9. Queens University Smith School of Business

Queen’s University houses its business school. To visit its website, go to; The Robert H. Smith School of Business is its name.

10. HEC Montreal MBA Scholarships.

HEC Montreal Foundation offers MBA students many scholarships through their programs: Visit